Mary M.
Gallagher, Ph.D.

Lynn Mary
Karjala, Ph.D.



  Dr. Mary M. Gallagher and Dr. Lynn Mary Karjala proudly announce the publication of their new book



Taming Trauma Beasties:  Helping Children Confront Trauma and Heal is a one-of-a-kind literary treasure that mental health workers, parents and caregivers will need to have as they help children recover from trauma.  It empowers children by providing them with concepts typically reserved for adults.  Through the use of clear, simple language and engaging drawings, children are able to learn about trauma, triggers, and flashbacks.  A series of stories walks the reader through typical nontraumatic situations, skillfully showing how such situations can rapidly become terror-filled because some aspect of them triggers the memory of an earlier trauma.  The Trauma Beastie concept allows treatment to begin immediately, even when the child is reluctant to talk about the traumatic event.  It also acts as a container for deeply painful thoughts and feelings.  After explaining the basic concepts, Drs. Gallagher and Karjala provide both traditional and innovative techniques that are easy to learn, fun to use, and very effective for healing the wounds of trauma.

This book is designed to be read out loud by adults to children.  It is easily appropriate for children age 9 and up but has been used with children as young as 6, especially as an adjunct to psychotherapy.  Taming Trauma Beasties:  Helping Children Confront Trauma and Heal is immensely valuable in the treatment of children who have experienced any form of trauma, including those who have been displaced from their homes or even their countries of origin because of abuse, adoption, or natural disaster.


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